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R&D Video e-lab ZSW Ulm 2017. Typical behaviour of DRYcloud:

Developed as the effective DRYcloud fire protection solution for the regenerative based society and electro mobility, suitable especially for Li-Ion or Lithium batteries or others related, large format type, German engineering using components made by the global leaders, Acts iterative and predictable & predicative, for instance so far only if a corrosive material leakage will happen, …

DRYcloud solution: resources saving (reducing the costs and safety-risk in significant matter in case of fire Li-Ion-Batteries or other high fire loads involved), Operates in one option under use of highly effective fire suppression tools in open and indoor spaces. The agent typically will expand at high ratios, between preferred 400:1 and 1000:1 depending on the type of generator and operating pressure. This rapidly forms voluminous foam to suppress fires and vapors by submerging the fire and cutting off the oxygen supply. The solution is well documented and supported by the leading global vendor.

  • Can completely flood large rooms and enclosures to effective suppress three-dimensional fires while reducing water usage and minimizing damage.
  • Foam option can also effectively reduce vapor concentrations downwind from hazardous low boiling point gaseous products.
  • DRYcloud can (fast) suppress strong and normally long lasting fires involving combustible solids. Usable with most conventional high expansion foam equipment.
  • Removal of Oxygen and strong stick effect, cooling and longer adhesive, will, depending from the design-in of the energy storage solution, stop fire propagation effect.
  • DRYcloud- lower cost in comparison to light foam, sprinkler and conventional firefighting system.
  • Lower Capex and TCO-rate,
  • Will protect our environment (full smoke absorption almost near),
  • No structural invention in buildings necessary, no pressure build up,

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